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2008-05-04 13:07:40 by MercifulDragon

My first newgrounds post, pretty cool.

Just a quick post to mention how i'm in the planning stages of my next animation using metal slug sprites. This animation is going to follow either a sniper, ptolemic soldier or normal rebel soldier - i've not decided yet. This character will be wandering about through a war ridden area fighting various enemies to find the reason for the war [obviously i won't tell you the reason yet...that'd ruin it =D] Not much more to it yet, but i'll keep everyone updated as i go on =]. Should be done in about a month-ish considering how lazy i am.

Oh and i love the pictures for the post's mood xD


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2008-05-04 13:23:19

i see...

MercifulDragon responds:

Good 'cause i don't...


2008-05-09 12:30:32

I wish I was that mood D:


2008-07-06 15:43:29

Sounds promising.